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  1. What is Semalt?
  2. Semalt services
  3. Prices on Semalt
  4. Guarantee of Success: Meet The Team; See Client Cases and Client Testimonial
  5. Semalt and the World
  6. Fun Facts About Semalt
  7. Semalt Blog
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As the guardian angel of big and small businesses alike, companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs and many other bodies with online affiliations. Semalt is the digital agency that helps you achieve that which you cannot by yourself with an assurance of satisfaction when the success of your business is concerned. 

Semalt offers various services ranging from SEO specialization of both AutoSEO and FullSEO to Web analytics, Web development, and Video production. Semalt provides the appropriate help to your business and gives you the guarantee of 100% success without stress. 

What Is Semalt? 

Semalt is a digital agency with a worldwide presence that works with a certified and capable team in all areas and spheres of web designing, web developing, marketing and other tools relating to online businesses. With tools like SEO—AutoSEO and FullSEO, Web Analytics, etc. They ensure that everything businesses and business owners needs are all taken care of effectively. 

Is your business in a tight spot or suffering from low website traffic and visitors? Do you have very strong competitions blocking you from reaching the top ranks on Google? Then fear not, your hero Semalt is here to save you and your business!

Semalt is a professional SEO and marketing agency that offers you services that are certified to eliminate your most terrifying and pertinent business and marketing problems. It does this with its endless array of certified and dedicated professionals who put your business’s success above everything else and take your business to a higher level.


With Semalt, you stand to benefit so much with its talented professionals available to help out all-year-round. The company also has a super high level of customer trust as the agency’s record of completed projects is blowing out the roof with over 800,000 projects and 300,000 users.
Semalt offers countless quality services at reasonable and affordable prices and not to forget surprise discounts at every interval to put more smiles on your face. 

This and many other benefits you stand to gain when you choose Semalt. Some of these services include:

Semalt Services 

Semalt focuses on providing professional SEO and marketing services of AutoSEO, FullSEO, Web Analytics, Video Production, and Web Development. 
  • SEO Services
What Is SEO - Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly called is a website marketing strategy that involves the process of increasing both the quantity and quality of the traffic of any website. It does this by increasing the website’s visibility to users through the search engine. 

It is the process of getting organic traffic for a targeted website through the use of targeted keywords related to the website to increase its rank on the search engine. 

Semalt’s SEO strategy specialization covers two service branches of AutoSEO and FullSEO:  
  • AutoSEO - Semalt’s AutoSEO is for businesses that are just getting to know the wonders of SEO and its impact on sales. 
With AutoSEO, such newly introduced businesses can optimize their websites, improve website visibility, attract new visitors and of course increase the business’s online presence.  

  • FullSEO- Semalt offers FullSEO to veterans in SEO strategy usage. It is for businesses that have tested SEO and wish to go further and gain much more like positive and profitable ROI, future investments in the market, enjoy long term results and also expand their SEO domain. 

  • Website Analytics 
What Is Website Analytics: this is a marketing strategy that involves a set of complex processes of collecting, reporting, and analyzing website data. Which is then used for different purposes of accessing the website to determine the rate of success or failure of the goals of the website. It is also used to derive, and create strategies to ensure a level of improvement. 

Website analytics at Semalt is totally different from the average services you see elsewhere. Semalt website analytics helps your business understand everything about its market environment, with comprehensive market monitoring that covers monitoring of your website, your competitor’s position, etc. 

It also helps businesses discover new and available markets as well as favourable ones for the business. Furthermore, the service also entails helping them convert all necessary documents and data concerning the business into PDF and Excel.

Prices On Semalt 

For so many services, you would most likely be expecting exorbitant and over the top prices that would choke you in no time. However, Semalt services are quite affordable for most people or businesses. 

All Semalt services come with client-friendly prices that is definitely worth the service and also helps you keep your pocket intact. Semalt also offers several discounts on some of their service from time to time to its client. Check the images below to see some of the discounts available.

Price list for Semalt services

Guarantee of Success: Meet The Team; See Client Cases and Client Testimonial 

Semalt is totally different from a lot of digital agencies out there. It is a dedicated and serious company, a Full-stack Digital Agency that not only offers you quality at every turn but also gives you the assurance up front of the success coming your way. 

To prove its level of commitment and legitimacy, you not only get to meet the Semalt team on the website, but you also get to see client cases that prove their level of success all the way. 

Meet the Semalt Team and know How they Work.
With their worldwide reach, Semalt boasts of success in many fields with countless successful client cases. These testimonials are available for fellow businesses to go through while awaiting their own business’s success case to be displayed on the Semalt website.

Some of the huge client cases with huge success stories are as displayed below as seen on the website.

Semalt has neither niche restrictions, nor does it have language restrictions. Its services are available to all interested all over the globe. Feel free to checkout Semalt’s official website for more successful client cases at Semalt.com

Apart from the client cases showing the percentage increase of traffic their businesses experienced after the intervention from Semalt. There are also countless client testimonials with clients sharing their awe-filled statements concerning the wonders that Semalt has done to their business. 

Not only can you find video testimonials from clients on Semalt website, but you’ll see written testimonials with countless huge reviews from Google and Facebook from Semalt subscribed users all over the world.
From the United States to Vietnam, to Ireland, Semalt knows no boundaries. The only concern is to constantly bring satisfaction to its wide array of clients and placing their businesses at the top with its professional services. 

There are so many testimonials that can’t be exhausted in this single post. To view more please visit the Semalt’s official website and read about the reviews of Semalt services from first-hand witnesses. 

Below are some of the written testimonials that you’ll find on the Semalt website: 

Semalt And The World

Worried about your location and wondering if Semalt can handle dealing with another country, well fear not for Semalt has you covered, irrespective of your location.

Semalt staff are professionals and multilingual. They are proficient in speaking international languages, such as, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian and so on. So you don’t have to worry about language barriers when considering hiring Semalt services for your business or website. 

Fun Facts About Semalt

  1. Did You Know that Semalt’s symbol is actually a Turtle? 
  2. Did You Know that the Turtle is a treasured symbol at Semalt not just as the agency’s symbol but also as the agency has a turtle pet named Turbo which lives in all Semalt offices and also works as the Recruiting Interviewer at Turbo?

Meet Turbo The Turtle 

Semalt Blog

Aside from the top-notch services this agency offers; the countless successful client cases treated by the agency and the great client testimonials from all over the globe that share their success stories with Semalt, there is just still so much more about Semalt. 

Semalt as an agency believes in the power of blogging and has a very active blog to interact with its clients and users.

The Semalt Blog is on its website, and it has tons of blog posts related to businesses online, online marketing tools and other related fields. These blog posts are written by professionals in the field, who are ready to share their knowledge, and give detailed insights into diverse topics relating to SEO Marketing. 

Some of the blog posts you will find on The Semalt Blog include:
  • SEO vs PPC – Which One To Use To Hot Big?
  • How to create a Google Business Page and Brush It Up?
  • Tried-And-True Methods to Submit Websites To Search Engines| Semalt
  • 18 Best Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking| Semalt
  • What Makes a Balanced Dofollow Backlink Profile?  
These are many more are readily accessible on the website. Reading these posts can give you deeper insights and more strategies to develop your business. 

You can also get a free SEO Consultation on the Semalt website. The consultation is set up to help first-timers, and also old clients to identify their site SEO issues and also boost their business performance. 

With it, clients can have a better idea of what they need, and the kind of service they have to purchase from Semalt. 


All online business owners, freelancers, webmasters and other individuals all over the world looking for solutions on how to grow their websites, Semalt is the way to go. They offer optimized and functional websites, by using a variety of marketing tools to promote visibility and engagements. Semalt is a full-stack marketing agency that has its clients as the top priority, with countless success and wins to show for it.